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Il cinema di Jane Campiondai cortometraggi a Top of the Lake   versione testuale
By Anita Trivelli
Price: € 20,00

The book, focused on Jane Campion’s cinema, analyzes the entire New Zealander filmmaker’s filmography, an antipodean author of existential ordeal, sensitive to the formal aspects of the story and endowed with a sharp anthropological prospective. The book reconstructs her cinematographic adventure, from the formative background (anthropological studies, fine arts and cinema) to the many formal, cultural and experiential influences, that can be traced in her works (literature, visual arts, photography, music and cinema). It recalls chronologically her work and hermeneutic methodologies, learnt during cinematographic, literary, postcolonial and visual anthropological studies. Jane Campion explores the relation between art and life, she examines feminine quality in exploring the world in the light of an anti-ideological prospective, which outlines a rebel feminine imaginary, authentically “different”. Alterity is expressed through the characters, they live their nomadic-experiential vocation, an uprooted condition and emotional exile, which emanates a subversive vital force.

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Edizioni Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo
2017, pp. 360
15x21 - € 20,00
ISBN 978-88-85095-82-3
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