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Sguardi incrociati   versione testuale
Edited by D. Chimenti, M. Coviello, F. Zucconi
Price: € 14,90

Some books continue, develop, deepen and flow beyond limits, sometimes they continue writing even without their author. Other books attempt to take care of them, experimenting possible new ways of looking at thoughts and theories.Sguardi incrociati. Cinema testimonianza, memoria nel lavoro teorico di Marco Dinoi, from the title, is a book which talks about another book, renewing the considerations that Marco Dinoi, professor of "Theory and techniques of film language" and "Methodology of film critics" at The University of Siena, put together in Lo sguardo e l'evento. I media, la memoria, il cinema, published posthumous in the spring of 2008.Starting from the study carried out by Dinoi on one of the most traumatic television sequences of our days, September 11th, the collapse of the Twin Towers, the works which make up this volume, look at the theory of image and analysis of the film, continually confronting the ethical and political questions: «in what way does the image offer and entrust the role of a witness to those watching? In what conditions does it present itself as a trace, a find, a record, as part of one's memory?».

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Edizioni Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo
2011, pp. 272
15x21 - € 14,90
ISBN 978-88-85095-62-5
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